Warrior Nun S02E01: Immediately exciting

Warrior Nun S02E01: Immediately exciting

Image credits: Manolo Pavon/Netflix

Season 1 of warrior nun End with a cliffhanger: Sister Mary (Toya Turner) is flanked by Adrills (William Miller) possessed compatriots. At the start of Season 2, it wasn’t initially clear if she survived, and what exactly happened next. Ava Silva (Alba Baptista) temporarily collaborates with Sister Beatrice (Christina Tonteri-Young) in Switzerland, where the two maintain a low profile by running a bar. Until chaos ensues and the Order of the Crusader Sword – the order of nuns that includes Mary, Ava and Beatrice – is under attack collectively and around the world.

From this attack you can conclude that the fight against Adriel – who was already revealed as a demon in season one – is not over yet. Also, at the start of Season 2, there’s a side story in which Sister Lilith (Lorena Andrea) goes in search of Mary – resulting in a gruesome massacre. And the scientist Gillian Salvius (Thekla Reuten) is still working on the portal to heaven that she managed to create – a clear thorn in the side of the Vatican, which until this discovery had the exclusive right to contact with the upper world.

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Tension immediately returned in this regard. Ava is preparing well for the big battle. Although this was more or less in the first part: warrior nun Sometimes it seems like a repetition of movements in this regard. Despite the positive meaning of the fantasy series still seems like a nod to Buffy the Vampire Slayer Better borrowing from bad perception seems to be the motto of its makers.

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