“WandaVision” Initial Feedback: Successful Reboot of the MCU?

"WandaVision" Initial Feedback: Successful Reboot of the MCU?

On Friday, WandaVision will launch on Disney +. The TV series is a remake of the Marvel Cinematic Universe next year. But do you like this too?

The good news is that it looks like it is. There are a number of reviewers in the United States who were allowed to watch the first three episodes. Although there is a ban on reviews, she was already allowed to respond on social media. And that looks good.

First reactions
Marvel Studios seems to have developed a puzzle that is unfolding very quietly. According to a critic “An exciting experience reminiscent of Lynch, and almost obnoxiously dedicated to slowly solving the puzzle.”

Another reviewer raves about the news Marvel Studios is trying to try: “The first three episodes of WandaVision put a great creative touch on the sitcom format, making for a very exciting seasonal appearance.”

In short: Marvel Studios seems to be introducing something completely new, and it’s really successful with the critics. Of course we still have to wait for the first reactions from the general public.

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