Wales may hope Bale bonuses return with MLS title

Wales may hope Bale bonuses return with MLS title

Hollywood was at its best. Founded in 2014, Los Angeles Football Club won its first Major League Soccer title on Saturday night. It happened after a violent final against the Philadelphia Union.

The score was 2-2 after ninety minutes. Jack Elliott, who had already imposed extra time on behalf of Philadelphia, thought he shot his team to win in the final minutes of overtime, but suddenly there was substitute Gareth Bale, who equalized with Los Angeles in the eighth minute from injury. Bring time: 3-3. Then Los Angeles took the penalties better: 3-0. Americans feed on deification. “The greatest MLS Cup final in historyLos Angeles Times Books. “Full of twists and turns.Final had it all.

Bale (33), who moved from Real Madrid last summer, played a leading role. Transmission has been commented somewhat sarcastically. Another older footballer, somewhat imbued, in this state has gone on to fill his pockets in America after five Champions League victories, four Club World Cup titles and three Spanish national titles. After all, MLS is known for being profitable. Just ask Italian Giorgio Chiellini (ex-Juventus), Bale’s team-mate, or compatriot Lorenzo Insigne, who signed a four-season contract at the age of 31 with Canadian club Toronto. Total value: at least 44 million euros.

adventure in america

Since David Beckham, who signed a five-year contract with LA Galaxy in 2007 (at $50 million per season), more and more footballers are exchanging their European competition for an adventure in America. Ibrahimovic, Higuain and Javier Chicharito Hernandez have done so too.

For Bale, the MLS title should act as a catalyst for the World Cup in Qatar. “I feel better and better,” said the striker, who has had several injuries this year after the match. “Mentally I had a tough time and I’m still not 100% fit. But I’m on my way back.”

The Welsh side, which are participating in the World Cup for the first time since 1958, rely heavily on Bale. The team will play their first World Cup match in Qatar on November 21 – ironically, facing the United States. Iran and England are the other participants in the second group. If the Dutch team survives the group stage, it will meet an opponent from the Wales group in the eighth finals.

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