VWS: Now too few vaccines to quickly vaccinate all hospital staff | right Now

VWS: Now too few vaccines to quickly vaccinate all hospital staff |  right Now

Hospitals’ call to vaccinate all workers against the Coronavirus has not been responded to as of Monday. This came from a conversation with a Ministry of Health (VWS) spokesperson with NU.nl on Thursday. The spokesman said that there are very few vaccines currently available for this.

Diederik Gummers, president of the Dutch Association for Intensive Care and Ernst Kuippers, President of the National Acute Care Network (LNAZ) made the call Wednesday. News Hour Because they are seeing a rapid increase in absenteeism. Urgent care is already being squeezed out in many hospitals to meet the crowds.

Minister Hugo de Jong did not reject the request, but said Wednesday evening that not everyone is suitable for the first group to receive vaccinations. In the Netherlands, a role will be granted to care workers from nursing homes, care for the handicapped, community nursing, and social support law support.

“But I heard very well what hospital care is and I understand it. I’d like to see how we can come up with a solution to that. But it also applies: This really needs some confusion. And I’m going to talk about that early next week.” De Jong said.

The minister is expected to come up with a revised vaccination strategy on Monday. Insiders from The Hague tell several media outlets that it is possible that some hospital staff will be vaccinated early.

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