Voss wins his second World Cup in the United States

Voss wins his second World Cup in the United States

Marianne Voss won her third UCI World Cup competition in Iowa City. The 34-year-old Jumbo-Visma captain tackled her opponents firmly and crossed the finish line on her own after eight laps of the fast track.

Denis Bitsima came in second and Cata Blanca Fez of Hungary came in third. World champion Lucinda Brand finished fourth, just over a minute behind Voss, followed by Bock Peters (fifth) and Annemarie Wurst (sixth).

Vos was also the best in Waterloo last week. Last Wednesday, she finished fourth in Fayetteville. Brand won this stage. Voss now leads the World Cup standings.

Voss got off to a turbulent start in Iowa. I immediately took the lead and then stayed ahead for some time. At the start of the fourth round, Betsima joined Voss, who then continued strong. After a roll, Blanca Vass and Wurst are joined by the leading pair.

Without a sausage, Blanca Fez, Voss, and Betsima went looking for a win together. Due to a slip, Blanca Fez had to withdraw and the two Dutch women started side by side in the eighth and final round. Voss made a quick attack and then headed to the end without being threatened. Betsema crossed the finish line by 10 seconds over the winner.


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