Volt Gundogan permanently kicks out a faction and expels her as a member

Volt Gundogan permanently kicks out a faction and expels her as a member

Wohlt permanently expels Member of Parliament Nilufer Gundogan from the group and expels her as a party member. According to the party, it is not “reasonably” possible to keep with the party Mail Sent tonight to the 13,000 Volt members. According to the party’s board of directors, Gundogan is sailing entirely on his own path and is therefore “unreasonably disenfranchised”.

Gundogan was expelled from the group last month after receiving reports of dissenting behaviour. Thirteen reports were reported, ranging from physical assault and unwanted sexual advances to intimidation and abuse of her position.

The Member of Parliament later reported slander and slander against Volt employees who had expressed complaints about her. She also filed a complaint against the Volt party board and two other party members, party leader Laurens Dassen and Marieke Koekkoek.

The judge recently ruled in summary proceedings that Wohlt should withdraw the decision to suspend Gundogan. Then the leader of Wohlt Dassin said his party “did not do it right”.


The party’s board of directors now writes in an email to members that Gundogan’s response to the reports goes against Volt’s values. The reports were cited as an example, as well as their reaction in an article in the NRC on the subject.

Also Gundogan’s performance from last night on the talk show Jenk Disgusts the party leadership. In it, she said she plans to expand the slander and mug report. And two days earlier, her colleagues in parliament demanded that she withdraw the statements completely.

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According to the council, the MP did not show in her public statements about the reports that she was “ready to see the seriousness of the matter.” Rather, she will act “as if her behavior is not serious.”

Screenshots of the Volt board’s email are shared with members on Twitter:

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