Volleyball trips for victory in the first game against TCU

Cameron Bradley
Redshirt’s Megan Vernon stuns the ball in an attack from TCU in K-State’s 3–0 win over the Horned Frogs Friday night. (Sophie Osborne | Collegian Media Group)

The Kansas State Volleyball Team (9-4) dominated Friday night in their series’ opening game against TCU (1-6), defeating The Horned Frogs in straight sets, 25-15, 25-16, 25-15, for the Fourth Cats. Straight victory.

With 40 kills and only seven faults in 90 attempts, the Wildcats had a high season hit on Friday night at 0.367 percent against Horned Frogs, who were playing in their first game in just under a month.

“I thought it was a very dominating performance for us tonight,” coach Susie Fritz said in a press release for K-State Athletics. “Just being able to reach close to .400 as a team feels really good. And for TCU’s account, they’re coming out of some very big adversities because they haven’t played in a month. We look like we’re late in the season, so I was very happy with tonight’s game.”

The new students of the Korean state shine in Friday’s match. Outside batsman Alia Carter, after a moderately poor double-header performance with Texas Tech last weekend, is back in force, leading the team in 14 kills while also scoring three blocks.

Centerman Kadye Fernholz also spent a career night, scoring seven kills and no faults in 10 attempts to hit his career high of 0.700.

K-State made a fairly quick and clean start in the first set, recording 11 kills and four fouls in that first frame, outperforming TCU in a 25-16 victory that ended with a score of 8-2 in favor of the Wildcats. Of those 11 fatalities, Carter scored four in that first set. Abigail Archibong and Redshirt’s sophomore Holly Bond were combined for four blocks in the inaugural group as well.

Archibong ended her night leading the team in blocks, scoring six in total.

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TCU recorded 10 kills while also accumulating 10 faults.

Things continued to improve for K-State throughout the match, starting the second set with a 20-9 lead, finishing with 17 kills in just two fouls versus a 0.395 hit percentage, en route to the 25-16 grouping two wins. Carter led the way in that group, and directed six kills and there were no mistakes.

Wildcats kept their best in the end, starting their final set 11-2 and ending with 12 kills in 1 foul versus 0.440 hit percentage and 25-15 wins with 3 wins to sweep the Frog.

Julia Adams, a sophomore at TCU, led the team and recorded seven murders at night. TCU finished with 28 kills and 20 fouls in 91 attempts with an injury rate of 0.088.

“We managed to overcome some turmoil, a little bit, with our squad and play a little bit tonight, but we didn’t feel any break in the chain,” Fritz said. “For me, those were big positives. And to be able to go out and hit 367 and keep your opponent under 0.100 – that’s a very good season, it’s a good night for us.”

K-State closes the double whammy against TCU at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow in the Wildcats Final at Bramlage Coliseum Stadium. This match can be watched live on Big 12 Now on ESPN +, with live audio on KMAN Radio.

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