Video – Praise for Sergio Diest after an amazing goal: “He’s sick” | football

Video - Praise for Sergio Diest after an amazing goal: "He's sick" |  football

In an exhibition match with Jamaica, Dest, now a FC Barcelona player, was awarded a single prize with a superb shot from 20 meters, implying a 1–0 victory for the United States. The match ended with the Americans winning 4-1.

Diest, who has a Dutch mother and an American father, was pictured once with the Dutch national team, but the defender decided to play for the United States at the end of 2019.

“Serginho is sick,” concluded his colleague Brenden Aronson, who plays for Red Bull Salzburg. “He’s so good man. It’s hard enough to suddenly play on the left flank, but then he goes in and hits that ball, boom, brilliantly into the far corner. I didn’t expect anything else. He has a lot of qualities.”

Dest was particularly “compatible” with Chelsea left winger Christian Pulisic. “I think the co-operation is good,” Barcelona said again. “On the field, but also beyond. She’s constantly getting better and I’m happy with the way we play Christian together. We made some great fixtures.”

National team coach Greg Berhalter is delighted to continue embroidering on the tandem of Dist Pulisic. “We have a lot of options on the right flank, so sometimes it makes sense to let Dest play on the left. If we can convince these two men to pass and move with the intention of reaching the back line, it becomes very difficult to defend them. They are very fast and very technical.”

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