Video: Brad Pitt refuses to meet Martin Brundle online in Austin

VIDEO: Brad Pitt weigert interview Martin Brundle op de grid in Austin

Brad Pitt (58) was a guest at the US Grand Prix all weekend, but the actor – who is working on a film about Formula 1 with Lewis Hamilton – was reluctant to ask a few questions from the grid. Commentator Martin Brandl to answer. It made the TV uncomfortable.

Pitt will star in a film that tells the story of Formula 1 about a veteran who guides an up and coming talent. As producer, Lewis Hamilton is closely involved in the project, which will begin filming in the second part of 2023. Over the weekend of racing in Austin, Pete and producer Bruckheimer held talks with the team bosses and might have gotten some inspiration. So on Sunday, before the race, Pete ran a lap of the net and there he faced Sky SportsBrandl microphone. However, Pete was not warm to an interview.

An uncomfortable moment, Brandel and Pete

Brandel, who is also a sports reporter, wanted to ask Pete a few short questions, including about the F1 movie project he’s working on. The 58-year-old actor didn’t want to find out, put on a fake smile and tried to move on. Brandel did not give up and walked with Pete for a while, but he quickly came to the conclusion that there was no point in having a conversation. This resulted in uncomfortable images that spread like wildfire across social media. Not everyone can appreciate Pete’s “cool” reaction, also because he’s working on a movie about Formula 1.

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Pete waves away and keeps walking

“Let’s see if we can start a conversation with Brad Pitt,” we hear Brandel say at the beginning of the video. He heads to the American actor, but almost immediately makes a farewell gesture. “Hey guys, have a good weekend,” he says and continues. Brandl gives chase. “Can you tell us about the movie?” While walking, Pete turns his head and replies: “No, not yet. It is extremely confidential. Then Brandel made one last attempt to ask a question, but more than ‘Thank you man’, Pete couldn’t get it out.

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