Video: A woman without a driver’s license hits soldiers on a motorcycle

Twee militairen op scooter gewond na aanrijding met auto

On Sunday, May 23, Gyersfleigt bureau police arrested 23-year-old driver Chantal F. Exactly on a Sunday evening, the young woman rode a tricycle and her two-driver on to Powisistraat, Suriname Police Corps reports. You can watch a video below.

After a report of a collision between a car and a motorcycle at the aforementioned site, which included personal accidents, the police contacted the site. Once there, the motorcycle rider and his rider were found injured on the road surface.

By the called ambulance, the victims were taken to the emergency room of Paramaribo Academic Hospital. After the medical treatment, both the motorcyclist and driver were referred to a surgeon.

Police investigation revealed that the motorcycle rider and his two-driver drivers were driving on a Powisistraat. They came from Kristalstraat heading towards Anton Dragtenweg, while the driver was driving in the opposite direction. For reasons not yet known, the woman left half of her class and wound up the other half and the biker and his two-driver jogged.

Chantal, who did not have a driver’s license, was not under the influence of alcohol. Turns out, she grabbed one of her house mates’ car to pick up something without permission. Vehicles were severely damaged and seized for a general inspection.

After coordinating with the Suriname Public Prosecution Office, Chantal was arrested, according to police reports.

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