Victorian Prime Minister Dan Andrews “Get a remix of beer” switched to a Christmas lights show

Victorian Prime Minister Dan Andrews "Get a remix of beer" switched to a Christmas lights show

Well, something good had to come out in 2020.

The “remix” of getting the famous beer from Victoria Premier Dan Andrews has been transformed into full-fledged Christmas light shows at homes in Victoria, and it’s gorgeous.

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One video was posted on Facebook, and you can watch it here, while another clip received attention as well.

“Oh, this is actually the best. Whatever you are, I put in a lot of effort,” one Facebook user wrote.

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“The best thing for 2020 !!!” Another said.

A third user wrote: “If there is a prize for the Christmas lights, it is winning.”

If you are from Victoria, you can go see the light show at Kings Park, about 40 minutes from town.

In April of this year, Andrews said at a press conference that no one could “have beer” in Victoria during the harsh lockdown.

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You will not be able to go to the pub, because the pub is closed. That doesn’t mean you can have all of your friends home and have beer. This is not appropriate. It is not necessary, it is not needed and all it will do is spread the virus.

As expected, the letter quickly turned into a remix of YouTuber Mash’d N Kutcher.

This remix took second place on the iTunes charts, beating some of the biggest artists.

But who is the genius behind the light show?

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21-year-old Melbourne resident Minh Tuan Nguyen said he wants to do something special, but a little different for this Christmas.

He said, “It’s something I flogged myself into – I learned from the Internet.”

“It took me about 15 days to set up the lights, and 10-14 days to program each song on the computer.”

As an aspiring lighting designer, Nguyen has been making Christmas lights up for the past six years.

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