Vibrant meeting at Kristus Koningplein: summer bar, children’s entertainment, music and Brunch Potluck Ekeren (Ekeren)

Vibrant meeting at Kristus Koningplein: summer bar, children's entertainment, music and Brunch Potluck Ekeren (Ekeren)

The Reform Café is one of the activities during Plein PétillAnt. © rr

Ekeren is gradually waking up from his summer nap. August is going to be a busy music month. Transite Ekeren can start with “Plein PétillAnt” on Friday 5th, Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th August. Everyone is welcome at the bustling Kristus Koningplein.

Music is never far from the field.

Music is never far from the field. © rr

With the American documentary from 2018 “The Biggest Little Farm,” “Plein PétillAnt” opens on Fridays at 9:30 p.m. Director John and his wife Molly trade the big city for the country. The camera follows the couple as they build a wasteland on a unique farm with a self-regulating ecosystem. On Saturdays it offers a mixed bag including a fix café. Free repair of clothes, electricity, bicycles, sharpening of knives. Tracé Cultuurstation from Veltwijcklaan will give a presentation.

Music is never far between 3pm and 5pm, it’s the turn of attendees to sing along with some of the best performers on stage. They prepare a number of songs from all countries and cultures. Textbooks are distributed. Starting at 7 p.m., Quatier Swing will bring gems of gypsy music, and Parisian music from the 1930s and 1940s. The members of the trio have a professional musical background in classical, folk, jazz and pop music. Before that you can hear the Sin’Al Fine choir, guitarist Michel Verkempinck and the Eladnov group.

Potluck Brunch

Sunday sports start at 10 am and start Taichi. At 11 am, everyone will be seated for brunch. Participants bring something delicious, whether they have prepared themselves or not. The idea came from the United States. In the afternoon you can exchange plants and seeds.

And as on the day before, the musicians provide a more pleasant atmosphere in the square. Pieter Jan Gevers offers potpourri of his own, floating among cabaret and styles that can’t be fixed under one name. Five-piece Plein Pétillant might wrap up the three-day event with Americana, Blues and Country.

The transition in Ekeren aims at a more ecological, more social and more self-sufficient way of life, away from a polluting, energy wasting and individualistic society. Plein PétillAnt is an organization of Transitie Ekeren in collaboration with Eva-centrum, Tracé, Dorpsmakers and Avansa in Antwerp.

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