Verstappen breaks Vettel’s record and improves himself after winning in Zandvoort

Verstappen breaks Vettel's record and improves himself after winning in Zandvoort

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Max Verstappen will experience a historic season in 2022, one that saw an impressive follow-up last weekend in Zandvoort with a win. Partly because of this historic season, Verstappen continues to break records and legendary drivers in equal measure.

Verstappen’s win last weekend put him 109 points ahead of Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez. In theory, Verstappen could actually become a champion in Singapore, but realistically, it’s likely to happen in Japan, the US or Mexico. Anyway, it’s a dominant season for Verstappen, and last weekend there was another record he broke.

30 wins

After his victory in Zandvoort, Max Verstappen became the youngest driver in Formula 1 history to achieve 30 victories in the sport. Sebastian Vettel was 26 years and four days old when he scored his 30th win. Before the end of last week, the legendary German driver held the record. However, Verstappen was 24 years 339 days old on Sunday when he crossed the streak for the 30th time in his career. A little younger than Vettel over a year old.


After his victory in Zandvoort, Verstappen is now, at the age of 24, in eighth place on the list of most victories in Formula 1 history. The Dutchman now has 30 victories, which means he is ahead of Jackie Stewart (among others). 27 wins), Jim Clark (25 wins) and Niki Lauda (25 wins). The seven drivers are still ahead of Verstappen: Nigel Mansell (31 wins), Fernando Alonso (32 wins), Ayrton Senna (41 wins), Alain Prost (51 wins) and Sebastian Vettel (53). The top two, Lewis Hamilton (103 wins) and Michael Schumacher (91 wins), are in their own world in this ranking. It certainly looks like Mansell and Alonso can overtake Verstappen in 2022, which means he could be sixth at the end of 2022.

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Verstappen also broke a personal best. Before winning in Zandvoort, he had already managed several times (including several in 2022) to score three consecutive victories. However, Verstappen was unsuccessful in four consecutive victories. Since his win last weekend in Zandvoort, he can also cross this off his list. The Dutchman won in France, Hungary, Belgium and the Netherlands. So four times in a row.

One season victories

Finally, another record Verstappen can still break in 2022. Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel once managed to book thirteen wins in a season, something Verstappen could slowly start thinking about. With seven races remaining, Verstappen has already racked up ten wins to his name. In short: He needs four more wins over those last seven races to break the record and reach fourteen.

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