Verboom and HC Den Bosch Will Go Together For Another Three Years | Regional sports

Verboom and HC Den Bosch Will Go Together For Another Three Years |  Regional sports

Eric Verboom (51) will continue to train hockey players at Den Bosch in the coming years. De Boxtelaar, in his seventh season at Oosterplas, extended his contract by three years. The Bossche Hockey Club announced this today.

Led by Verboom, who is also an assistant with the German hockey men, Den Bosch has risen from the basement to the top of the (sub) league in recent years, with second place in the (aborted) season 2019-2020 as the best result. In the same season, Den Bosch was a losing finalist at the NK Indoor Hockey. Under Verboom’s leadership, Den Bosch also reached the final of the Gold Cup Championship in 2018.

“I’m really looking forward to building a team worthy of the final match at Dean Bush in the coming years,” says Verboom, who has signed for three years and can complete ten years with Bush hockey players. He has an agreement with the club that he can leave Den Bosch if the offer is too good to be turned down.

A vastly different team

Starting next season, Verboom will have a completely different team under its wing at Oosterplas, with far less experience. Goalkeeper Loïc Van Doren (KHC Dragons in Belgium) and striker Jelle Galema (who has returned to Orange-Red), among others, are leaving the club. Some players have also indicated that they will stop after this season. With attackers Jar van der Horst (Tilburg) and Ruben Versteeg (Little Switzerland), two reinforcements have already been signed for the next year.

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Den Bosch currently shares sixth place in the league after sixteen rounds. There is still little chance of the playoffs. Den Bosch should at least try to win the number five Pinocchio next Sunday.

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