VeeKay gets curious about Verstappen in the Indycar

VeeKay gets curious about Verstappen in the Indycar

Max Verstappen is currently one of the biggest stars in Dutch sports. The Limburg Red Bull Racing driver is defending his world title in Formula 1 this season and playing a key role in the sport’s growing popularity in the Netherlands. He has single-handedly developed this sport into one of the biggest in the country at the moment.

Thanks in part to Verstappen’s performance, interest in motorsports is once again high in the Netherlands. Many other citizens are trying to take advantage of this and contribute to the increase in the popularity of this sport. In the US, Dutch driver Rinus ‘VeeKay’ van Kalmthout does a very good job in Indycar, he’s very successful.


VeeKay closely follows his countryman’s performance. So the Indycar driver was present over the weekend at the Grand Prix in Miami a week and a half ago. Last weekend VeeKay had to do his own thing and spoke to the international media: “I know Max from karts. I was actually supposed to drive his dad’s kart team, but nothing came of it because Max went racing In the single seats. That was a good move on his part!”


Van Calmuth, who races in the US, sees his compatriot showing off well in the top motorsport class. So he’s curious about how Verstappen would do in one of his cars: “I’d like to invite Max to test an Indycar. I’d like to see how he does it and how much trouble he’s having that might come off his shoulders due to a lack of steering.”

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