Vasseur sees Zandvoort as a catalyst for change in F1

Vasseur sees Zandvoort as a catalyst for change in F1

Alfa Romeo team boss Frédéric Vasseur believes that the Dutch Grand Prix has changed a lot in Formula 1. After the race at the weekend in Zandvoort, people were only positive about the organization of the race and Vasseur also praised the event. The team boss thinks some of the historic Grand Prix races could use the weekend race in Zandvoort as an example.

After the Grand Prix in the Netherlands, the team bosses were very happy with the circuit, but also with the show around. Wasser saw that the weekend had changed a lot within the sport. “I think Formula 1 has gone through a very big change after last year’s race in Zandvoort,” the Frenchman said during the press conference in Miami. In terms of presentation, Zandvoort suddenly brought something completely different. From that moment on, other Grands Prix started using Zandvoort as an example and I think everyone should follow this trend.

Vasseur: Monaco can’t stay old fashioned

Interest in Formula 1 is very high at the moment. Different countries, cities and circuits want to organize the Grand Prix. Next season, for example, three races are planned in the United States, and now there will also be races in Las Vegas. The calendar is slowly starting to swell, which means some other circles have to give way. It is not inconceivable that some classic jobs will not be on the calendar for a number of years.

The Monaco Grand Prix is ​​one of the races that may disappear from the Formula 1 calendar. Wasser believes the principality should quickly follow Zandvoort’s lead. “Of course we know it’s a historic Grand Prix. But they can’t stay old-fashioned forever. I’m not just talking about Monaco here, because I think it’s a good lesson for all Grand Prix racing,” said the Alfa Romeo Team Principal.

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