Van Zandert is 18th in the freestyle, Valeeva’s fall is fourth

Biden maakt plannen bekend voor corona-aanpak VS

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In this blog, editors Norwegian Refugee Council Report from the 13th day of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Speed ​​skater Gotta Leerdam won silver in the 1000m, her first Olympic medal.

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The Netherlands finished the thirteenth day of the Games in seventh place in the medal standings

Nordic composition is the last obstacle to equality in the Winter Games

Regular eruptions reverberate at the National Ski Jumping Center in Zhangjiakou, about 200 kilometers from Beijing. After seeing the Great Wall of China on the mountains during their jump, the Nordic group participants descended so hard on the piled ice with their sledges that the volunteers present looked subconsciously each time.

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Van Zandert is 18th in the freestyle, Valeeva’s fall is fourth

Dutch figure skater Lindsey van Zandert finished 18th in the freestyle final on Thursday. 17-year-old Van Zundert, the first Dutch snowboarder since 1976 at the Olympics, averaged 175.81 points (including the short freestyle). Russia’s Anna Shcherbakova won the gold with a record of 255.95. Her compatriot Alexandra Trusova came in second (251.73), and Japan’s Kaori Sakamoto came in third with 233.13 points.

The much-discussed Russian figure skater Kamila Valeeva took fourth place. I missed a few times in the final, including one after a 3-axis jump. Valieva was suspended earlier in this tournament after it was revealed that a positive doping test came back in December. She is said to have taken a heart medication that promotes recovery after strenuous exercise. However, Russia withdrew this suspension, allowing Valeeva to participate in freestyle swimming.

Correction (Feb 17, 2022): An earlier version of this post mistakenly used Lindsay van Zutphen in place of Lindsay van Zundert. This has been corrected in this version.

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Figure skater Lindsay van Zandert during the snowboarding final in the freestyle. Photo Koen van Weel / ANP

Van Zundert completed the freestyle swim, with a score just below his personal best

Snowboarder Lindsay van Zundert rode her freestyle on Thursday. Earlier this week, she qualified for the round when she placed 25th in the short freestyle swim. Van Zundert entered fourth on Thursday and finished second right after her performance. She scored 116.57 points, which is just below her personal best. With her free short story rating, Van Zundert scored 175.81 points – higher than ever. After 17 years in Brabant, 21 other figure skaters appeared on the ice during the freestyle swim.

Leerdam won the silver in the 1000m behind Japan’s Takagi

Dutch speed skater Jota Leerdam won the silver medal in the 1000 metres. It’s her first Olympic medal. She finished with a time of 1.13.83 behind Miho Takagi who took the gold. Japan’s Takagi set an Olympic record in 1.13.19. The third step on the podium at 1.14.61 was for American Brittany Bowie. Takagi missed the gold medal three times during the Winter Olympics: She won the silver in the 500m, 1500m and team pursuit.

Takagi achieved her favorite role with the win. She won in the last round, taking advantage of her opponent Angelina Golikova, who in her wake managed to cut the inner bend at the intersection. Leerdam was visibly unhappy with the time she had right after the finish, but she still felt happy after achieving second place. She had to turn the ice once during her race and was less able to maintain speed on the last lap than her Japanese competitor.

On her last stage in the Olympics, Erin Foust led to 1.15.11, finishing sixth. The 35-year-old West won the gold medal in the 1500m at this Winter Games. This was her sixth Olympic gold medal since the 2006 Olympic Games in Turin, making her the most successful Dutch female Olympian ever.

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The third Dutchman to enter into force is Antoinette de Jong. She drove 1.14.92 and took fifth place.

Gotta Leerdam over 1000 metres. Photo by Sebastien Buzon

Van der Poel compares the games in China to the games of Nazi Germany in 1936

Swedish figure skater Nils van der Poel spoke to the newspaper about the Beijing Winter Olympics upon his return to Sweden sports magazine Compared to the 1936 Berlin Olympics. “Really outrageous” and “extremely irresponsible”, Van der Poel called the fact that the Games are organized by a state that “blatantly violates human rights as does the Chinese system.”

He described the Olympics as a “fantastic sporting event” in which athletes from countries around the world meet. But that’s what Hitler did too before he invaded Poland, van der Poel said. The Nazi regime in Germany used games as propaganda material at the time. German director Leni Riefenstahl made the trailer there Olympia About.

Ahead of the Olympics, Van der Poel, the gold medal winner in the 5,000 and 10,000 metres, said he did not want to comment on the political situation in China. “I don’t think it is wise of me to criticize the system.” [van het land] Where I am staying,” said Van der Poel, who indicated that he did not want to say more about it now, because other athletes from the Swedish national team were still active in China.

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Niels van der Poel with the gold medal for winning the 10,000 metres. Photo by Fazri Ismail / Environmental Protection Agency

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Swede Naeslund plays the favourite and wins skateboarding

Swedish figure skating star Sandra Nyslund made her favorite part by winning the Olympic gold on Thursday due to force majeure. Nyslund stayed in the final, and in the previous rounds, she was always ahead of her competitors. Canada’s Marielle Thompson won the silver. The fight for bronze initially seemed to benefit the Swiss Fanny Smith, but she was punished for a mistake in the race and had to give up third place to Germany’s Daniela Mayer.

Gold for Canadian ice hockey players and silver for the United States

Canadian ice hockey players won a gold medal in the final against the United States on Thursday morning. Canada was very strong with a 3-2 score for the US team, which became Olympic champions four years ago.

In the first period, the Canadians led 2-0, after goals from Sarah Norse after about 8 minutes, and Mary Philip Pauline after 15 minutes. In the second half, Pauline made the score 3-0. Seven minutes later, in the 37th minute, Hilary Knight scored the first American goal. The American goal in the last minute of the third game for Amanda Kessel was not enough to prevent defeat.

With their victory, Canadian ice hockey players reclaim Olympic gold. Since women’s ice hockey became part of the 1998 Winter Olympics, Canada has won all but two of the gold medals. Only in Japan’s Nagano in 1998 and at the Pyeongchang Games in South Korea in 2018 Canada won the silver medal. Gold went to the United States in those years.

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Canadian ice hockey players celebrate their victory. Photo by Anthony Wallace/AFP

The Netherlands starts today 13th in sixth place in the medal standings

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In this blog beats Norwegian Refugee Council Thursday, the thirteenth day of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Yesterday a medal was added for the Netherlands: Susan Schulting won the bronze in the 1500m short.

This Thursday, among others, the women’s 1,000m speed skating track is included in the program with medal chances once again for TeamNL. These Dutchmen are working today:

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