Valtteri Bottas has concerns in the Alfa Romeo C42: ‘The big concern is to cover the race distance’

Bottas heeft kopzorgen bij C42: "Grootste zorg is het afleggen van een raceafstand"

Alfa Romeo’s pre-season has not been smooth sailing. Especially in Barcelona, ​​the team lost a lot of time due to problems. Valtteri Bottas, who came from Mercedes, is hoping the C42 will reach the end of the race in Bahrain.

During the days of testing in Barcelona, ​​several problems prevented Bottas and his teammate Guanyu Zhou from completing many laps. In Bahrain it was already much better. The team from Switzerland was able to complete at least 150 laps on the last day of testing, which enabled it to gather important data.

‘The racing distance is a concern’

Bottas was happy with the way his car felt, but his main concern is the reliability of the car. in conversation with “I will be more confident when we talk to the team next week and when I hear we understand all the problems 100 per cent,” says the Finn. He continues, “My main concern now is to cover the race distance as we had different kinds of problems during our test days.”

I felt fine

In the end, despite the problems, Bottas was able to feel good about the car. “I really started to like the car, both with a lot of fuel and a little bit less. I felt good,” he explains. Of course he would have liked to do more laps, but he stresses that the most important thing is to get rid of errors from the car.

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