Valerie Demouri sacked as national coach of Belgian cats after one year | Belgian cats


Convinced in the Belgian federation that Belgian cats could aim for a higher standard, veteran Philippe Stalked was cast aside after the Olympics and Valerie Demore was appointed.

The Frenchman had collaborated in Lyon with Julie Allemand, in addition, he created many letters of the nobility. But the start, without co-star Emma Messman, was pretty tough.

Demore passed the big test at the last World Cup in Australia. Once again, after the 2018 World Cup finals and games, the Belgians just failed to finish off medals at a world championship, albeit without Messmann’s injury in the final stage. Demory is now being judged on that.

The Federation must now quickly look for a new coach, because on November 24 and 27 the Belgians will play the European Championship qualifiers again, against North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“This is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly,” explains Quinn Omans, Cats’ managing director.

“After an internal evaluation and thorough deliberation, we have come to the conclusion that we cannot go this way.”

“Coach Demory does not seem to be the perfect match for our team. There were a lot of problems with communication, which led to this decision.”

“The search for a suitable replacement has already begun and we hope to have news as soon as possible.”

“We would like to thank Coach Demory for the work done and wish him a successful future.”

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