Utrecht’s fractures want an explanation of the course of the “sustainable” frozen cycle on the Crusillan River

Utrecht's fractures want an explanation of the course of the "sustainable" frozen cycle on the Crusillan River

The various Utrecht City Council parties requested clarification on the course of the cycle in Kroeselan. The cycle path was frozen to pieces due to the winter weather two weeks ago, while it will have a much longer life than the normal road surface.

The CDA, SP, VVD and PvdA groups indicate that the cycle path has been presented as “one of the most sustainable streets in Utrecht”, because the road will have a longer life due to the materials chosen. The materials should also be used elsewhere in Croeselaan, but according to council parties, the municipality is now rejecting the project as a trial.

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Among other things, the parties want to know from the committee the cause of the damage and the extent of its occurrence, the period during which the course of the session can be established, what are the costs, and whether these costs can be recovered from the supplier. They also ask how a newly created cycle path might not hold up to a frost period like the one two weeks ago. “To what extent have experiments been conducted with sustainable products in building the cycle path, which is not clear enough whether they are able to withstand different types of weather?”

“How is it that a newly built cycle path, made of sustainable and carefully selected materials, cannot withstand such a period of frost, which is not unique to the Netherlands?

There are also questions about the use of the materials. For example, they want to know whether the executive municipality will use different materials to fix the course of the course and whether the same materials have been used at other sites in the city. The board is also asked about the agreements made with the material supplier. “Does the committee feel that it has been given incorrect information about the flexibility of the materials used or is it clear in advance that there is uncertainty about the flexibility of the materials used?”

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The council will now consider the questions and answer questions from Majlis parties in a few weeks.

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