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The young woman who used her smartphone while in the bathtub had a bad ending. The accident occurred in the Russian city of Tochin, in southwestern Siberia. The charged phone fell into the bathtub. The mother was shocked when she found her four-year-old son. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Anastasia Sherbenina, 25, was electrocuted after her phone fell into the water. An important call was coming. That’s why Anastasia took her smartphone to the bathroom, according to local media reports. The phone and charging cable fell into the water while receiving the call.

Several people have already died from phone shock while bathing in a bathtub. In 2018, a Russian woman passed away. Earlier, a young British man was killed while charging his iPhone. 32-year-old Richard Paul had an accident while charging his phone in the bathroom. The phone fell into water while charging.

A previous survey found that seven percent of the world’s smartphone users use their phone while showering. Using a charged phone in the shower is very risky. Tech experts say most phone chargers are more vulnerable to shock if dropped in water.

English Summary: Boy, 4, finds mom, 25, dead in the bathroom after being electrocuted during a phone call

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