USA gymnasts claim their sixth consecutive world title | other sports

USA gymnasts claim their sixth consecutive world title |  other sports

USA gymnasts extended their world title at the World Cup in Liverpool. For the United States, it is the sixth consecutive World Cup of Nations title. The American team, with Jordan Chiles, Shelly Jones, Jed Curry, Sky Blakely and Lian Wong, scored 166,564 points.

Although Blakely fell on the beam, the American gymnasts were ahead of Great Britain by 3,201 points. Curry, the Olympic land champion, was also present in 2019 when America won the world title. At that year’s World Cup in Stuttgart, a team competition was scheduled for the last time.

The British gymnasts took the silver with a fall on the beam with a score of 163.363 points. It was their second Women’s World Cup medal. In 2015, the British took bronze in Glasgow.

And in Liverpool, the bronze went to the Canadian gymnasts, who took eighth place in the final at the expense of the Netherlands. The difference with Orange in the playoffs was only 0.265 points. The Canadian team, led by three-time Olympian Elizabeth Black, turned in the clear and scored 160,563 points. In doing so, the gymnasts won their first World Cup team medal for their country.

Japan, still on its way to a bronze medal after three apparatus, lost out on the medals due to a large number of errors made by Kokoro Fukasawa. Fukasawa never got more than 9.4 points on the last apparatus and thus missed out on a medal chance. Japan finished in seventh place with 156.964 points.

The Dutch national team failed to qualify for the country’s final. The Netherlands took ninth place in the qualifiers, and therefore narrowly lost the final battle. The women have reached five individual finals. Naomi Visser will compete in the bar and floor finals, while Tisha Vollman (All About) and Sanna Firman (Bridge) will qualify for the final.

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