US Space Force gets its own anthem: ‘Boldly Reaching Space’

US Space Force gets its own anthem: 'Boldly Reaching Space'

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Sounds like a fantasy from a Netflix comedy space forceBut it’s the truth: The US Army’s space branch has its own anthem. music and lyrics Semper Supra (always on top) It was presented at a conference in Maryland.

Each branch of the US military has its own song. This is how the Marine Corps was Marine Corps HymnThe ground forces sing The army is rolling Even the health service in uniform is going in full swing Journey of the US Public Health Service.

So there has already been speculation about a hymn to the newest member of the military’s clan: the Space Force, created by President Trump and in which all space activities for US defense have been combined. While the Space Force is already an important part of the US armed forces, some on social media have been jokingly hoping that it will be The march of the empire From Star Wars.

But it became a song written by two veterans:

Bravely sung lyrics like Boldly reach into space, our sky has no limits (“We reach space without fear, our skies know no bounds”) can count on sarcastic reactions on Twitter and other social media. Someone asks “Why does this look like it was written by a school band for the local American football team?” Another falls on the sentence Permanent guard day and nightIt is precisely observed that there is no day and night in space.

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