US rejects 26 Chinese flights

US rejects 26 Chinese flights

The US Department of Transportation canceled 26 flights operated by Chinese airlines in September as a countermeasure.

It concerns a total of 19 flights from Los Angeles to China and seven flights from New York. The decision affects four airlines: Xiamen, Air China, China Southern and China Eastern. The number of flights 26 does not come out of nowhere. as part of zero covidChina has been taking action against airlines for some time when coronavirus infections were detected among passengers after the flight. As a result, the Chinese authorities recently canceled 26 flights operated by American, Delta and United.

In the resolution, the US State Department referred to those Chinese actions. According to the US, China wrongly blames the airlines because passengers test negative on board and only test positive for the virus after arriving in the Asian country. China reacts with displeasure at the US action. A spokesman for the embassy in Washington called the decision “extremely irresponsible” and “baseless.” On the other hand, he describes Chinese policy with integrity and transparency. Earlier this year, a similar reaction occurred when the US canceled 44 Chinese flights in response to an equal number of US flight cancellations.

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