US lobby group criticized for Catholic suit to aid immigrants


A Catholic pressure group has taken to court to clarify the role of Catholic aid organizations in the “flood of illegal immigration” in the United States. This measure sparked much criticism of the group: “There is nothing wrong with caring for people.”

The US Catholic lobby Catholic Foote wants to find in a lawsuit the role of the government and Catholic charities in “facilitating the flow of illegal immigration” at the US-Mexico border. According to the indictment, the group wants to know what contacts took place between the government on one side and the Archdiocese of Brownsville and Catholic Relief Charity on the other.

The height of illegal immigration

“American Catholics have a right to know how government and Catholic institutions cooperate at the border and what role they play in the surge in illegal immigration we’ve seen in the past year,” Brian Burch, president of Catholic Foote, said in a statement. Release. “We will do everything we can to find out the truth.”

“We want to know how Catholic charities, parishes and relief organizations are involved,” he continues. Do immigrants shelter in homes, hotels, or shelters? Do they pay for transportation with government money? Is what they’re doing legal and is it true? “

safe haven

The move was met with Catholic criticism from the accused organizations themselves. Bishop Daniel Flores of the Diocese of Brownsville, on the Texas border, finds the focus on Catholic groups odd. “I wonder why these organizations are featured, while other organizations and local government agencies also receive government funding.”

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Sister Norma Pimentel, president of Catholic Charities, also reacts by not understanding the actions of the Catholic vote. The sister said in an interview with National Catholic Correspondent, an American newspaper. “They are leaving harsh conditions behind in the hope of finding a safe haven for their families here.”

According to Pimentel, the mission of Catholic charities is to restore human dignity through humane endeavour. “There is nothing wrong with feeding the hungry and taking care of the people who come to our country.”

More transparency

CatholicVote President Birch says he sued for more transparency. Catholics and Americans in general are frustrated with the situation at our borders; Anyone really interested should be positive about finding out more facts,” Porsche explained in an interview with catholic news agency† “Transparency is only good.”

When asked, Burch said he did not attempt to speak to the organizations before CatholicVote went to court. The information available is limited, and relief organizations are not obligated to respond to requests. But look at how ferocious the attacks are, and you will understand why we chose this path.”

According to Burch, his organization in the lawsuit does not mean that Catholic institutions at the border operate outside the law. “We need to see the false binary system in which aid organizations are always seen as righteous and critics as racist enemies of the church or immigrants,” he says. We are looking for facts and have legitimate questions about the impact of cooperation between the government and aid organizations on the border region. If nothing goes wrong, don’t worry.”

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