US lifts travel ban in November – NRK Urix

US lifts travel ban in November - NRK Urix

Norwegians and other residents of the Schengen area are today included in the list of persons not allowed to enter the United States. The ban was imposed when the pandemic began in March last year and is still in effect.

An exception is made for diplomats, journalists and close relatives in the United States. But normal tourism and business trips are not allowed. This is despite the fact that coronary heart disease is now less common in Europe than in the United States.

Entry: The Biden administration is under criticism from Europe and allows the introduction of a coronary vaccine.

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Recently, there has been increasing criticism of the scheme. The news came today that it will be lifted in a little over a month.

He must be vaccinated

The United States is opening its doors to travelers from China, India and Europe who have received the COVID-19 vaccine. This will happen in early November, Jeff Zentes, President Biden’s coronavirus coordinator, said at a press conference in Washington.

The coordinator noted that the requirement for admission to the United States is that you receive a full vaccination.

International travel is vital to connecting families and friends. It’s also important to support businesses small and large, Zentz says, and to promote the open exchange of ideas and culture.

There is no quarantine for visitors to the United States. However, they must submit a negative test that was taken within three days of departure.

Joy: The Norwegian Foreign Minister is pleased to announce.

Photo: Arnt Stefansen/NRK

Joy in Norway and the European Union

“It is positive that the US lifts entry restrictions for fully vaccinated people,” Foreign Minister N Eriksen Soered wrote in a comment to NRK. “This means a lot to Norwegian citizens, businesses and other organizations associated with the United States,” she wrote.

The European Union is also pleased tonight with the news from the United States:

We are pleased to announce that fully vaccinated travelers from European Union countries will soon be able to travel to the United States again. It’s a long-awaited measure for separated families and friends, and good news for business.

German Vice-Chancellor Olaf Schulz, the preferred candidate for the position of the country’s new leader, also expressed his happiness with the US government’s decision.

“This is great news – for German and European investments, for our exports and transatlantic connections,” Schultz wrote on Twitter.

Olaf Schultz tweeted
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