US Attorney General: No evidence of voter fraud in the elections | abroad

US Attorney General: No evidence of voter fraud in the elections |  abroad

The US Department of Justice found no evidence of widespread electoral fraud that would alter the outcome of the presidential election. The findings, released by Attorney General Barr, starkly contrast with President Trump’s ongoing criticism. He talks about massive voter deception because, among other things, the mail would have been tampered with.

Barr’s comments coincide with news that Donald Trump has made another attempt to recoup his loss in the presidential election. Trump is taking legal action against Wisconsin authorities. The state had confirmed the previous day that Trump’s rival, Joe Biden, had won the majority of votes there. This made Biden’s national victory even stronger.

In an interview with The Associated Press Secretary of State Barr reported that US attorneys and FBI agents are working hard to follow up on the complaints and specific information they received, but that they found no evidence that could alter the election outcome.

Libre criticism from its employees

Barr, one of Trump’s most ardent supporters, claimed several times in the run-up to the election that the mail vote might be tampered with. After all, many Americans mailed their ballot papers to avoid large crowds at the polling station amid the coronavirus crisis.

Last month, Barr allowed prosecutors across the country to investigate “ material allegations ” of potential electoral irregularities. In so doing, they were allowed to bypass the Justice Ministry’s normal policy, which normally prohibits such measures until the election results are approved. Several senior department employees later resigned in protest of the directive.

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Last try

According to various American media, Trump is making one last, desperate attempt to restore a country. In Wisconsin, Trump lost about 20,700 votes. The Republican president sued the governor, a member of Biden’s Democratic Party.

Trump made virtually no progress in the lawsuits in the other states that were crucial to Biden’s election victory. The American media asserts that time is running out. By law, each state’s results are fixed if they are not successfully challenged before Dec.8.

More sounds

The winner of the presidential election will be finally decided by the electorate that will meet on December 14th. Trump refuses to acknowledge his defeat, admitting he was not reelected, but his rival, Biden, won.

The President indicates that he has received votes more than four years. Indeed, it is, but Biden received 6 million more votes than Trump: a record 80 million in American history.

Trump’s lawyers

Rudy Giuliani and Gina Ellis, a Trump attorney who is still trying to influence the election outcome with several lawsuits, commented in a press release that the Justice Department investigation was not sufficient. “Nevertheless, we will continue to search for the truth,” the duo said.

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