Unveiled network with billions of dollars in assets of Vladimir Putin | Abroad

Unveiled network with billions of dollars in assets of Vladimir Putin |  Abroad

Palaces, yachts and vineyards: they can now be linked to what appears to be an informal network of fake companies headed by Vladimir Putin, with assets worth more than $4.5 billion (4.28 billion euros). A British newspaper reported that Watchman

It appears that a string of vacation homes and other assets used by the Russian president and, according to available evidence, are owned or owned by other individuals, companies and charities, are linked via a common email domain name: LLCInvest. ru. This digital path is evidenced by research conducted by various international media.

Email exchanges also show that during discussions about the day-to-day operation of different units, managers always talked about one overall organization.

When Putin associates with a property, the Kremlin refers to an oligarch friend who then claims to be his. But it appears that all 86 land and properties are managed by companies with the same domain name. According to the research group OCCRP and the Russian news site medusa He leads her to Putin and his entourage.

fake rent

For example, there is Villa Selgren in the north of Saint Petersburg. It is known that Putin sometimes spends his vacation in the charming room, where his daughter also got married. Officially, the estate will be owned by the son of a deceased friend of the Russian president. But what is remarkable is that the e-mail address of both the son and the company that owns the property ends with the domain name “LLCInvest.ru”.

In addition, Sibur, the largest petrochemical company in Russia, has invested more than a million dollars in this property every year since an agreement was concluded in 2012. This villa is supposed to be rented but the company itself does not use it.

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Mussel farm without mussels

In addition to various luxury properties and yachts, there are also bank accounts that are almost overflowing. Some of these 86 email addresses lead to bank accounts holding more than half a billion euros in the name of non-profit organizations. These organizations were officially set up to help preserve things like “agricultural enterprises” or the “tradition of Russian aviation,” but in reality they do not, according to an investigative media report.

Finally, the research also shows that the majority of this empire are shell companies that barely conduct any activities. For example, there is a mussel farm that did not sell a single mussel, and there is also an airline where you cannot book flights. Perhaps all this is just the tip of the iceberg, because, according to researchers, the fraud scandal is even bigger than what has already been identified.

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Huge yacht Scheherazade in Italian port. The ship is believed to be owned by Vladimir Putin. © AFP

Putin’s fortune

Nearly two decades ago, Putin was accused of secretly amassing a vast fortune through proxies. This was due to a series of discoveries via leaks, such as Pandora’s Leaves.

Just last month, the British government went against Putin’s “lavish lifestyle” with official Russian documents listing “modest possessions”. He is said to only own a small apartment in Saint Petersburg, two Soviet-era cars from the 1950s, a trailer and a small garage.

Earlier, imprisoned opposition leader Alexei Navalny also made a movie about Putin’s huge palace overlooking the Black Sea.

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