Unique Presque demo in Cinemaniaaa!

Unique Presque demo in Cinemaniaaa!

Thursday, November 3 at 8:15 p.m.

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Swiss (!) Presque’s success at Film by the Sea in September was completely unexpected. The film did not receive the highest rating from the audience. Brisk. Although 40-year-old Igor has a physical disability, he lives independently, serves organic vegetables from a local store on his tricycle, and is surprisingly philosophical. In Lausanne, funeral director and well-established celibate Louis, 58, is devoted to his profession and cannot retire. The two meet when Louis causes a minor collision with Igor and then feels responsible for the aftercare. Then he wants to quickly become friends with Louis who is always nervous, but this is not necessary, he thinks. When Louis has to bring the body of an old woman back to France, a special road trip ensues, during which the men discover they get along very well and it turns out to be a very special trip. Switzerland 2022. Directed by: Bernard Campan and Alexandre Julien. With: Bernard Campan, Alexandre Julien and others This week also show in collaboration with St. Louis Guides and the Local History Department Br. Christopher with foreword by Mark Puigs. Display address: Utopiazaal Markland College, Pagnevaartweg 7, 4731 AA Oudenbosch. www.filmtheaterfanfare.nl

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