Under Trump it was ‘America Alone’, but under Biden it was ‘America First’

Under Trump it was 'America Alone', but under Biden it was 'America First'

AUKUS (an acronym for English Language Abbreviations for the Three Participating Countries) was announced in mid-September. Officially, this is about submarines, but according to Ten Broeke, it goes beyond a much larger scale: it is an expression of the new international strategy of the United States under Biden, which means a lot for Europe.

For years, Americans have been militarily active in the Middle East, but President Biden put this to rest recently, after his predecessor Trump also took steps in this regard. This is to liberate their hands for new strategic alliances aimed at entering into Indian and Pacific Oceans (Southeast Asia and Australia, ed.) to work effectively. With AUKUS we see the first military appearance of this,” says Tin Brocki.

The former VVD deputy believes that Biden, like Trump, is a “domestic president.” “He looks at what’s good for his middle class.”

NATO and Europe

With AUKUS, the European Union has fallen behind. “There are even those who say that transatlantic relations will change forever. In fact, the whole concept of ‘the West’, as we have known it since the fall of the Wall, needs renewal.” Tin Broek says.

Tin Broek believes that NATO will become less important with the American University of Kosovo, because the United States considers it less important. As a result, European countries draw the short straw. “It now leaves us exposed to geopolitical risks that we now have to deal with ourselves,” he said. France in particular reacted angrily to this. The French foreign minister spoke of a “knife in the back” after the deal prevented Australia from buying French submarines.

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Tin Broek understands the French reaction: “France is the only one concerned with geopolitics. The British are working for America’s good, the Germans are busy with themselves, the rest of Europe is incompetent…”

Gasoline on receipt

The podcast also focuses on the gasoline shortage in Great Britain. Due to the shortage of truck drivers, not every gas station can get enough gasoline. This even led to fights in several places.

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