UN commissioner says former government employees may have been killed by Taliban

UN commissioner says former government employees may have been killed by Taliban

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, has accused the Taliban of killing former Afghan government employees and their families. She says her office has received credible reports that they have been detained without charges. In some cases they were released and others were found dead.”

The Taliban would go door to door to track down former government employees. In doing so, they would search several places for people who had worked with the US armed forces and companies. It is also said that UN officials have been attacked and threatened.

Bachelet says Afghanistan has entered a “new and dangerous phase” because the Taliban are not doing what they promised. In their first press conference after the capture, on August 17, a spokesman said that the safety of everyone would be guaranteed, including those who fought the Taliban or collaborated with Western powers.

Ministry of Virtue

There are also increasingly strict rules for women. In some parts of the country, Bachelet says, girls are no longer allowed to go to school after age 12.

The Taliban renamed the Ministry of Women’s Affairs; It is now called the Ministry of Virtue. This is the ministry that implemented Taliban law on the streets in the 1990s. Officials in this ministry punished women who dressed “indecently” or who were on the road without a male companion with corporal punishment.

Last week, Taliban fighters were seen whipping women:

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