Ummat Al-Hajj: Paying attention to all major American sports during the season

Ummat Al-Hajj: Paying attention to all major American sports during the season

Hosts Bart Jan Westerdoin and Paco Bustieros Leon of Pilgrim Nation with Brian Spapens of Lightning Leiden in their midst. (Photo: Jerry Van Buckle).

Basketball, baseball, ice hockey and American football, the last Pilgrim Nation broadcast this season featured all of the major American sports. Leiden’s development came from Brian Spabbins. US Soccer Team Lightning Leiden will play for the title and promotion to the Eredivisie this weekend.

The first quarter looked back at the NBA Finals series. The Golden State Warriors won their fourth title in eight years. Although the team was written off two years ago, it was too strong for the Boston Celtics in six games.

Watch and listen to the broadcast below:

Broadcasters Bart Jan Westerdwin and Paco Bustieros Leon present American sports with a touch of Leiden each month.

Steve Curry became MVP (Most Valuable Player) and for coach Steve Kerr this was his ninth NBA title. Five times as a player and four times as a coach. Remarkably, the Warriors have four players whose father also played in the NBA.

After the classic pitch (E 40 – Yup Picks), attention turned to Major League Baseball. She discussed the injuries of Dutchmen Kenley Janssen and Ozzie Albis and the conditions of the competition. The Yankees are very strong, with eight teams behind them very close to each other.

The magic number 56, the number of games Joe Dimaggio singled out in a row, is the Holy Grail in MLB. The record has held for 81 years and is known as Unbreakable. Only Peter Rose came close to 44 games.

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Stanley Cup
Then they looked at the Stanley Cup Finals, where the Colorado Avalanches could call themselves NHL champions, again in six games.

Following the regional news, more interest in the Stanley Cup and especially the tradition of allowing every player to spend 24 hours with the Stanley Cup. More and more tricks are being used out there to create the most “special” situations possible with the cup during those 24 hours.

Meanwhile, showman Brian Sabines has joined in as well. The first to talk about the latest developments in the American Football League, especially the suspension of Rob Gronkowski. But especially to talk about Lightning Leiden, who will play a promotion match on Saturday 2 July for a place in the NFL Dutch League. Now in his role as offensive coordinator, but next season as head coach.

new season
Thus ended the first season of “Ummat Al-Hajj” in Sport071. In September, presenters Bart Jan Westerduen and Paco Pasteros Leon returned with a new season.

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