UK preparations for a virus vaccination program | Canberra Times

UK preparations for a virus vaccination program |  Canberra Times

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UK National Health Service staff will work over the weekend to prepare for the launch of the COVID-19 vaccination program in the country, with the first vaccinations taking place from Tuesday. There are 50 centers in the first wave, with more hospitals starting vaccination over the coming weeks as the program ramps up. Health officials said patients aged 80 and over who are already attending hospital as outpatients, and who are discharged after a hospital stay, will be among the first to receive the life-saving vaccine. Hospitals will also start inviting people over the age of 80 to get a jab and work with home care providers to book their staff at vaccination clinics. Any unused appointments for these groups will be used for healthcare workers who are at high risk of contracting severe illness from the virus. All those vaccinated will need a booster injection after 21 days. “Next week will be a historic moment where we start vaccinating against COVID-19,” said Health Minister Matt Hancock. “We are prioritizing the most vulnerable first, and more than 80 years old, care home staff and NHS colleagues will all be among the first to receive vaccinations.” I urge everyone to do their part in suppressing this virus and follow local restrictions on NHS protection as they undertake this crucial work. “GPs and other primary care personnel have been put on standby to begin vaccine delivery during the week of December 14, with more practices expected to join on a phased basis in the coming weeks. Vaccination officials said centers treating large numbers of patients are in places. Sports and conference centers will participate later when more vaccine supplies flow in. ”Despite the tremendous complications, hospitals will begin the first phase of a large-scale vaccination campaign in our country, history from Tuesday, said Professor Stephen Boyce, National Medical Director for the NHS. “The first batch of vaccine deliveries will go down in hospitals by Monday. Nice.” The NHS has a strong record of delivering vaccination programs at scale … The hard-working team will once again rise to the challenge to protect the most vulnerable people from this horrific disease. The Australian Associated Press

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