UFC Vegas results 12: Mitchell wins hard decision over Fili, Hardy TKO’s Greene

UFC Vegas results 12: Mitchell wins hard decision over Fili, Hardy TKO's Greene

The UFC Vegas 12 The main card is nearing completion, and the joint main event has just seen the company’s 15th-ranked featherweight, Bryce Mitchell, make a tough unanimous decision on Andre Willy’s game. It was Mitchell’s wrestling that helped him influence the referees, but Price had to overcome a strong attack in the second round from Philly. This brings five straight wins for Mitchell, who scored his first victory in the new camouflage shorts.

Before that, former NFL star Greg Hardy was awarded a TKO award in the second round of Maurice Greene. It was Hardy’s left hand that scored the knockout, and the ground and the pound got the finish. Greene immediately protested the stopping, indicating that he was still moving when the referee decided to stop the fight. However, the polarizing Hardy has now achieved successive victories.

We got first place in the first round on the main card thanks to Kevin Holland who stopped Charlie Antivirus by verbal submission after a slam. Holland struck a furious flight from the end, which prompted Antiverus to yell at the referee. After his victory, Holland began talking garbage to Middleweight Ultimate Fighting Championship champ Yisrael Adesania, who was seated next to the cage. This is four wins for the Netherlands in 2020, and in his post-fight interview he asked for an anonymous opponent. Notably, Ontivirus left the appraiser on a stretcher, citing a problem with his neck. The broadcast stated that he was able to feel all of his fingers and the bottom of his toes.

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When the main card was opened, the young players Thiago Moises and Bobby Green had a tough and competitive 15 minutes. Moises had a strong opening tour and digging deep to have his hit moments in the third round, and he did enough to make a unanimous decision. This makes two in a row for Moises, who used his post-fight interview to invite some seeded opposition on his upcoming outing.

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Main Card:

Bryce Mitchell def. André Willy, unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28): Featherweight

It took less than 30 seconds for Mitchell to shoot for removal. Philly fought back, but Mitchell tied up and took first place. Mitchell dominated a little from above, but Philly was pushed to his feet. As soon as Philly woke up, Mitchell took him down. Mitchell possessed the wrestler, and kept Philly defensive, but once he attacked Bryce with a triangle, Philly was able to stand up. Mitchell hit the blasting to end the tour on top.

Fili was able to stay upright after Mitchell’s first removal attempt in the second round. Flying knee fell in timing from Philly to Mitchell, and it’s been Andre’s best hit in the fight to this point. Mitchell failed to attempt another removal, but eventually found a way to rise. Philly burst to his feet and pulled the mouthpiece out of Mitchell’s mouth before the bell.

Mitchell took about 30 seconds to achieve clearance in the final round, and he did so in the center of the octagon. After spending some time on his back, Philly manages to step back and put him back on his feet. It just didn’t matter, as Price soon had another takedown. Philly again finds himself stuck to the bottom, unable to find a way to get to his feet before the end of the tour.

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Greg Hardy was defeated. TKO’s Maurice Greene at 1:12 of Round 2: Heavyweight

Green appeared to hurt his leg while kicking Hardy’s leg. Hardy then rushed in, knocking on Greene, and delivering a series of ground strikes. Hardy was warned several times not to put his fingers in his eye. Hardy stood up and the stand-up battle resumed. It was Hardy who was recording singles hits, as Greene was unable to move forward.

Slow Kickboxing continued into the second semester. A huge left hook of Hardy knocked Green down, and the former NFL star swooped in with a barrage of ground hits. Green tried to improve his position, but the referee saw enough and stopped the match.

Kevin Holland def. Charlie Ontivirus with an oral presentation at 2:39 from Round 1: Middleweight

Ontiveros dropped Holland in the opening sequence with a quick counter-punch to start the match. Soon Holland got up and got a major takedown. The Netherlands took control of the half-guard and the north-south, dropping elbows and hammer. Antiferous climbed to his feet, but was caked with scrap on the floor. Antoniros verbally yelled at the referee, causing the match to be halted.

Thiago Moises was defeated. Bobby Green unanimously decided (29-28 x 3): Lightweight

Moises takes center of the octagon to start things off, shooting green head kicks. Moises was throwing out with bad intentions, but ended up down the line after a botched takedown. They stood up again and Green attacked the main leg of his opponent before advancing over the top with his hands. In an exchange, Green felt like a prick in his eye, but the referee told them to keep fighting. Upon review, it was a punch, not a poke in the eye.

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Green got himself into the second act. But Moises was quick to make a comeback. Moises slipped back to get a leg lock, but after a frantic stampede from Jiren, the fight was back on his feet. Green begins to attack the body with punches, causing Moises to return to the fence. Moises’ production has dwindled on this tour, but he picked it up a little before the bell.

The strike battle continued in the last round. The fighters moved back and forth, with a wound open at Green’s front. Neither man was really able to control the feet. Green shot his place, but Moises defended well and took first place. Green finally worked on his feet and the fighters beat him in the final moments of the fight.

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