UFC London | “The crowd at O2 Arena gives me an extra life.” – Molly McCann

UFC London |  “The crowd at O2 Arena gives me an extra life.” - Molly McCann

Carolina Knockout

McCann won by a stunning knockout in the elbow against Luana Carolina in March. McCann also says that this performance will be difficult to match or even improve. However, she has trained hard and she knows that more eyes are on her. It’s quieter, but it’s gotten better, she says. I focused on recovery and being patient.

UFC London | Molly McCann wins by knockout, “Spinning Elbow”


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McCann ponders a lot and tries to find her balance. However, the English are very passionate and wild in their own right and always go for the full 200% on everything. This is within it and opponents cannot match it.

Extra life

McCann says she does not feel any extra pressure to fight in London. She had her best performance at the O2 Arena. Her ninth fight will be on Saturday at the event complex.

Molly McCann

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She played her best two matches at the O2 Arena. The audience gives her an extra life. It is Madison Square Garden in England.

financial security

The ending against Luana brought Carolina her financial guarantee with a new sponsorship deal she signed. This allowed her to travel across the United States and train with other UFC fighters. It gave her more confidence. In the past, McCann sometimes struggled to make things run smoothly between her ears. She is now “bulletproof” and can no longer lose her spirits.

Discount Hannah Goldie

According to McCann, Saturday can go one of two ways. Or they hit Goldie and the Americans. Or you hit Goldie and the American will run away.

Hannah Goldie heads to London for her second UFC victory

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McCann disagrees that Goldie is said to be better than her on Earth. According to McCann, she is a better wrestler than Goldie. McCann considers itself its best release ever.

Buddy pimple

His teammate Pemblett and McCann are kind of a twin. Both were incredibly happy after winning the same O2 Arena last March. McCann and Pemblet have been training together for over ten years and it was a surreal experience on that beautiful evening in March of this year. McCann says she’ll see the octagon again this time when she fights Pemblet, but she won’t enter the octagon now. That was a special moment in March and it should remain unique.

Pemblett and McCann rejoice after their victories at UFC London

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English language talent

There is an incredible amount of emerging English talent. According to McCann, this is due to the social class in which the fighters live. The working class, according to McCann. According to the English, that is why talent grows so much in MMA. Everyone works hard and knows what to do and what not to do.

Marlos Quinn

McCann jumped into the arms of Marlos Quinn in March. According to English, every woman in sports wants to see other women well too. She has a lot of respect for women like Rosi Sexton and Marloes Coenen. According to McCann, Marloes Coenen was technically the best standing fighter in the world at some point. She was so happy to meet Quinnen and still has a picture of her with Quinnen in her favorite photos.

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Watch UFC London

Eurosport is located in O2 Arena. Saturday night preview starts live from the O2 Arena at 8pm on Eurosport & discovery + and is presented by Naseem Al Ahmadi. Regular analyst Marlus Koenen and Stefan Struve are also present. At 9pm it’s also key card time on Eurosport & discovery +.


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