“UEFA will hold the draw again after a strange mistake”

'UEFA gaat loting opnieuw doen na bizarre fout'

13:36 UEFA left the draw room in Switzerland with disgrace on their cheeks. Former star striker Andrei Arshavin scored the draw for the Champions League round of 16, but UEFA was embarrassed by a massive mistake. according to the team UEFA plans to reschedule the draw.

Shortly after being taken out of the penalty area during the draw, Villarreal has been linked with Manchester United. However, this poster could not be completed, because both teams were already in the group stage together. That’s why Manchester City’s ball was taken out of the bowl as an opponent of Villarreal, while Manchester United face Paris Saint-Germain.

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Because it was Atletico Madrid’s turn shortly thereafter, an opponent had to be found for that club as well. However, Manchester United’s ball was not among the potential opponents, so a poster between Atletico and Manchester United was left out. Atletico has been linked to German superpower Bayern Munich.

This caused an uproar on social media, with many people feeling the lottery has been affected. the team You know UEFA thought that was a huge mistake and that maybe the lottery should come to an end. Real Madrid have since indicated that they would prefer not to take the draw again. If that happens, Real Madrid will want to remain linked to Nfica.

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