Uber comes with a new subscription: just 5 percent off

Uber comes with a new subscription: just 5 percent off

Uber is launching a new service called Uber One. This is a subscription that gives you a discount on both Eats and the company’s taxi service. The subscription does not appear to be available in the Netherlands at the moment, but it is now rolling out in the US. Uber One costs $9.99 per month or $99 per year, which equates to about $8.70 and $87. There is an offer to celebrate the launch of this service.

Hot subscriptions

Subscriptions have been a huge thing in the world since Netflix: for example, today we see Spotify allowing podcasters to offer a subscription model for their podcasts, regular YouTubers can be seen unboxing with candy or game products and now Uber is also coming up with a checkout form. Participation. When you normally order an Uber through the app and pay for each ride, you’ll do the same in the future. the difference? You get discounts with your Uber subscription. Especially if you have Uber Eats in your city and use it regularly, this could be an interesting subscription.

The discount isn’t too high: you get a 5 percent discount. Primarily, however, it is common in America to frequently use Ubers and also Ubers to deliver groceries there, which makes it a much more interesting proposition if you use this frequently. There are also other advantages. For example, you only get rides with the highest-rated drivers, and you also get $5 in Uber money if your driver is late. If you order Uber Eats for $15, you’ll get free delivery.

Uber One

It already looks much more attractive, because the 5 percent discount is very small. This isn’t the first time Uber has launched a subscription service. It also has an Uber Pass and an Uber Eats Pass. The former gives you 15 percent off rides and free delivery of your Uber Eats orders, but you pay $25 a month for this (€22). The Uber Eats Pass costs $10 per month (€8.70) and with it you get free delivery on Uber Eats and a 5 percent discount on select orders. Uber Pass will continue, but Uber Eats will logically be integrated into Uber One: after all, you will basically get more benefits from it.

We are looking forward to seeing if this subscription service can work well in the Netherlands. 5 percent is a tiny bit too much for a country where Uber isn’t quite the standard. Especially since ours is also very small, so if you get a 5 percent discount on a 10 euro flight, it’s not great. The distances in America are much greater and it is not clear how to ride a bike. In short, we wonder if Uber will bring this to the Netherlands and if it will be the same.

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