Tyson Fury tackles Deontay Wilder in a World Boxing Championship fight | sports

Tyson Fury tackles Deontay Wilder in a World Boxing Championship fight |  sports

Twenty months ago, Fury took the world title from his WBC opponent. Three years ago, the first quarrel between the two parties ended in a draw.

Knockout Deontay Wilder Gate.

Deontay Wilder Gate by Knockout.

On Saturday night, Fury proved himself better than Wilder in a third fight in the United States. It wasn’t easy. Fury, for example, fell twice in the fourth round, but recovered strongly. In the eleventh round, Wilder, in turn, did not overcome a number of strong blows. The American was taken to the hospital.

“Blows like this could end a career. I hope he is fine.”

Before that, chaos rained down between the two giants. At the press conference, the tension escalated to the point that the organizers of the fight decided to abandon the usual stare, as the boxers looked into each other’s eyes for a while, motionless, but then it turned out that the hatchet was buried.

“It was a great fight, Deontay Wilder is a great boxer. He made me work for my money,” Fury said. Strikes would end his career. I hope he’s okay.”

Fury is now likely to face Ukraine’s Oleksandr Usyk, who holds the world heavyweight title in the other four unions. However, Oesyk may first face a fight with Anthony Joshua, the Briton who lost to the Ukrainian last month but says he is entitled to revenge.

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