Tyrolean engines for the Irish data centre

Tyrolean engines for the Irish data centre


Genbach-based INNIO supplies its engine technology to a power plant for a large-scale 60-megawatt data center in Dublin. The company announced this on Thursday. Until hydrogen is available, gas-powered engines will take over the task of emergency power supply.

INNIO manufactures 22 container engines for the power plant. This is being built by Winthrop Technologies in the Irish capital. The project is Europe’s largest motor-driven emergency power solution for data centers, which is powered by gas instead of diesel. The total order size should be in the tens of millions. The project is scheduled to be completed in the third quarter of 2023.

The power plant will be used “as an emergency generator, to stabilize the grid during times of high demand and to support electricity generation from renewable energies,” INNIO announced. Jenbacher engines are powered by pipeline gas. They will emit up to 25 percent less carbon dioxide and up to 90 percent less nitrogen oxide than conventional diesel generators. In addition, it is also possible to convert to the process with hydrogen once this is available.

INNIO is designed to assist with peak load current

Due to investments in technology, Dublin is the second largest data center in Europe. Servers are increasingly connected to the national power grid, which poses challenges to the country’s energy infrastructure. Jenbacher’s engines should enable the power plant to “operate independently of the national power grid and even be supported at maximum load capacity” during phases of high use.

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Winthrop Technologies is headquartered in Dublin and implements data center solutions across Europe. In 2021, he is said to have generated over €685m in sales. For this year, the company expects sales of more than 950 million euros.

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