Two new World Cup entrants announced: PEC FC defender to Qatar

Twee nieuwe WK-deelnemers bekend: PEC-verdediger naar Qatar

12:33 Saudi Arabia can thank Japan twice in the battle for the World Cup ticket. Because Japan beat third seed Australia, Saudi Arabia automatically qualifies for the tournament. The team will play China later in the afternoon, but that match is all about the Emperor’s beard.

Iran and South Korea were already sure of getting a ticket to the World Finals. Now two more tickets have been issued. Japan, with BEC defender Zfull, Yuta Nakayama as a substitute, beat Australia 2-0. The final match in the group stage of the qualifying tournament is between second-placed Saudi Arabia and third-ranked Australia. It would have been cracking, if the team beat Japan. This did not happen, which means that the gap between the two teams is four with only one game remaining in the program.

Australia finished third in the second qualifying group. This gives the holder the right to a play-off against the third-placed holder in Group A. This is most likely the United Arab Emirates, although all the teams in that group still have two matches to play. As a result, the situation may change. The winner of that match may prepare for the decisive match against the number five seed in the South American Qualifiers group. The winner of that match qualifies for the last round in Qatar at the end of this year.

Candidates from Asia: Hosts Qatar, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia

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