Two free PCR tests for Belgians • Nearly 11 million shots taken

Two free PCR tests for Belgians • Nearly 11 million shots taken

There is great disappointment in Spain, now that Morocco has finally decided not to sail any passenger ships between Spanish ports and Morocco this summer.

On Sunday, the Moroccan government announced the opening of all airports to international air traffic on June 15, but Spanish ports are excluded from this easing. However, boats are allowed to dock from Genoa in Italy or Marseilles and Sete in France.

Each year, between 3 and 3.5 million people of Moroccan origin cross into Morocco by boat. According to a Spanish newspaper, travelers spend more than 1 billion euros on tickets, food, petrol and clothes in Spain. According to the Entrepreneurs Association, entrepreneurs in all kinds of sectors lose income.

“The road goes from the Spanish mainland to Ceuta, and then you’re there in about an hour. The routes through France or Italy are much longer. Moreover, boat tickets are becoming more expensive due to less competition between shipping companies.”

“Last year there was no sailing through Spain,” says reporter Samira Jedir. Then the aura was given as a reason. Now it can be linked to a diplomatic dispute between states.

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