Twitter blast over Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize nomination: ‘That’ll be glorious’

Twitter blast over Trump's Nobel Peace Prize nomination: 'That'll be glorious'

President TrumpDonald John Trump, the Trump-backed candidate won the NH GOP Senate primary to confront Shaheen Trump, supporters are gathering without masks in North Carolina despite Trump-backed local Republican Party candidate requesting a Republican victory in the NH GOP primaries to counter the Pappas MoreHer nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize caused a shock on social media, with conservatives praising her and criticizing her by liberals on Wednesday morning.

Trump has been nominated by Norwegian Member of Parliament Christian Tebring-Gede, who is also the head of the Norwegian delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. Tybring-Gjedde cited the president’s role in brokering a historic normalization deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates during an interview with Fox News Wednesday morning.

“For the sake of merit, I think he has made more efforts to bring peace between nations than most of the other peace prize candidates,” said Tabring-Jedde, referring to Trump.

The nomination sparked strong reactions on social media from across the spectrum of political media.

Tybring-Gjedde wrote in his nomination speech that the Trump administration has played a significant role in ending tensions between Israel and the UAE.

He wrote, “As is expected of other countries in the Middle East to follow the example of the United Arab Emirates, this agreement could change the rules of the game and turn the Middle East into a region of cooperation and prosperity.”

He also referred to “Trump’s main role in facilitating contact between the conflicting parties and … creating new dynamics in protracted conflicts, such as the border dispute between Kashmir between India and Pakistan, the conflict between North and South Korea, as well as dealing with North Korea’s nuclear capabilities.”

As part of the agreement, Israel will halt efforts to annex land in the West Bank. The UAE also ended its boycott of Israel, which led to trade and air travel between the two countries.

Trump shared the news of the nomination in at least 15 different tweets and retweeted with nearly 87 million followers on social media.

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