Turkish ‘Batman’ flies home from work every day |

Turkish 'Batman' flies home from work every day |

Cengiz Kocak is a basic jumper known in Turkey as “Batman”. He was a paratrooper in the Turkish army and later trained to be able to jump at the base.

Now that he has run the cable car on Mount Papada, he can fly from an altitude of 2,000 meters every day.

A tiring work day can fuel the desire to get home as soon as possible. For those who live in big cities, traffic jams exacerbate it. For Cengiz Kocak there is no problem.

The director of the cable car company in southern Turkey can “come back” home after work.

Perhaps this is a sign that he’s a workaholic, but Kocak, who wears the basic shirt and winged suit, isn’t complaining.

Kocak, a former commando who started skydiving in 1991, has won numerous titles as a wing and primary jumping suit in competitions representing Turkey and the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK).

In the 2000s, base jumping became his passion and he took training courses in the United States to hone his skills.

It quickly became a household name among wing professionals and introduced new jumping spots for Turkish sports fans.

About a month ago, he was appointed as the manager of a company that runs a cable car in Babadag Mountain in southwest Mugla province which is famous for paragliding.

Every day Kucak carries a bag with his suit of suites to work, which is located meters from the scenic view of Oludeniz, a popular holiday resort known for its pristine beaches.

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