TSM for 100T: 100T wins with a score of 0-2

TSM for 100T: 100T wins with a score of 0-2

Announcement: Results of TSM VS ‘”First Strike of Valor”. The 100T is still coming and it appears champion Cloud9 has announced on Twitter the champion as the 100T while leaving TSM now with a score of 0-2. The “Valorant First Strike: North America” ​​tournament was held recently with TSM VS Team Envy and 100 Thieves VS Sentinels and the results were dire.

‘Valorant’ TSM VS 100T

Cloud9 Twitter anticipated Not really something some fans have been very happy with since some have sided with TSM rather than 100T. Of course, this remains invisible as the game has yet to start and Cloud9 has already “declared” a winner.

Twitter’s comment section didn’t take this well with a particular user Evan @ B0TM0N Of course, he even mentioned that the prediction “did not age well.” Due to this tweet, 100T Executive Producer has shared a screenshot of him blocking Cloud9 on 100T Gabriel GabeJRuizThat was still unexpected.

Of course, things can still change depending on the outcome. Regarding what made Cloud9 announce this is still not visible as the match is still on. Fans will only have to wait for the final results plus an explanation as to why Cloud9 is announcing something like this even when the game isn’t over yet.

Team TSM vs Team Envy “Valorant”

The story was reported by DailySportsGG and was said to be the opening game of First Strike that day that featured both TSM and Team Envy. The first map they reportedly chose to play with was Ascent. The match started and ended with a 6-6 draw during the first half. However, the match turned around as TSM secured their defense 6-1 to steal the massive 13-7 win.

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During the second map, it was reported that things weren’t even close at all. TSM reportedly jumped to an early lead despite being dropped by some rounds resulting in a 13-5 victory. Yassin “Soprosa” Taoufik Ali Razi finished the match with 23 dead and 13 deaths only.

“Valorant” 100 thieves against guards

Analysts were then divided over who should choose in this difficult match. In fact, “Valorant First Strike: North America” ​​ended up with a surprisingly close fight from 14-12 in which 100 thieves won the game. In an unprecedented move, 100 Thieves have already selected Ice Box for the game’s map.

100 Thieves outmaneuvered in the semifinals of the North American First Strike and went to the Finals to fight TSM. 100 T beat Bind 13-9. All of the keepers looked like they were actually going to lose the series again in Haven by 9-6.

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Watch the match live here:

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