Trump’s lawyer summons Giuliani at the Capitol to storm investigation

Trump's lawyer summons Giuliani at the Capitol to storm investigation

Former President Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani has been called into the investigation into the storming of the Capitol in January last year. The House Inquiry into Events on behalf of the House of Representatives wants to hear it on February 8. Two other Trump lawyers, Sidney Powell and Gina Ellis, and a political advisor, have also been called.

The commission says it has been spreading false theories about voter fraud, trying to change election results, or in direct contact with Trump about trying to stop vote counting.

In the days following the November 2020 election, Trump’s legal team filed dozens of lawsuits alleging widespread fraud. Judges in various cases did not agree, with senior Trump administration officials even calling it a lie.

release the kraken

Powell, Giuliani and Ellis spoke together at Trump’s press conference on November 19, just days after the election. They vowed to take Biden’s gains. Then Powell said:I will release the Kraken“I will release the Kraken.” This is a famous quote from the movie battle of the titans, which refers to a mythical sea monster that has been released and is causing havoc.

By releasing documents about the election, she wanted to show that Biden had fraudulently snatched the victory. Once made public, it turned out that some of the allegations were not supported by evidence. Other allegations did not hold up in court.

“political theater”

A judge ruled that Giuliani had shared clearly false and misleading information about electoral fraud in June. His New York attorney’s license was subsequently revoked. Giuliani’s lawyer now says the subpoena is “political theater” and there is nothing his client can testify about in the House of Representatives.

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The commission already received permission from a judge in November to see White House documents about the storm. This includes telephone records, visitor records, handwritten notes, and confidential conversations with employees. The commission plans to submit an interim report on the intrusion this summer and a final report in the fall.

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