Trump’s ex-chief of staff outlines coup plans | abroad

Trump's ex-chief of staff outlines coup plans |  abroad

Former President Donald Trump’s chief of staff has Watchman PowerPoint presentation of plans to carry out a peaceful coup to the United States Congressional Committee. He’s investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol.

The Mark Meadows dossier contained ideas to keep Trump in power longer. For example, the document describes that Trump could declare a national emergency in order to remain in power in this way.

This should happen after China allegedly had access to electronic voting systems. Then all electronic votes would have to be declared invalid and Parliament would have to find a solution.

Mike Pence

The document also lists three options that former Vice President Mike Pence could have used to prevent Joe Biden from being declared Speaker of Parliament on Jan. 6: appointing more Trump supporters as voters, and electoral votes from states where “fraud” occurred. January 6 last determination of Biden’s electoral gains.

The text continues below the tweet.

Trump and close allies like Meadows, Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon are said to have been working hard until January 6 to find a solution to keep Trump in the White House. On January 6, Trump supporters finally stormed the Capitol in an attempt to prevent official approval of the election results. It does not work.

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Meadows promised to cooperate with the parliamentary committee on the storming of the Capitol in late November, but withdrew that cooperation on Wednesday. He is now likely to stand trial for his refusal.

Kanye West

It’s not the only revelations about the US election. It was also revealed this week that Trevian Coty, a publicist for hip-hop artist Kanye West, lobbied for the Georgia election official. The employee, 62-year-old Robbie Freeman, was said to have been a “loose end” that should be “tied up”.

West initially ran for himself, but later sided with Trump. The Trump campaign has accused Zora Freeman, her daughter, and Andrea Moss of fraud. Freeman has received hundreds of threats regarding the allegations against her and her family.

The text continues below the tweet.

Coty Freeman visited on January 4th. Police said Freeman was “in danger” and had “48 hours” before “unidentified people” arrived at her home, according to the police report. On the advice of the police, the women met at a police station. The images of the conversation were recorded via the customer’s body camera.

‘loose end’

In it you can hear Coty say, “I can’t tell you exactly what’s going to happen. All I know is that it will disrupt your freedom. And your family’s. You’re a loose party that the party needs to clean up.” It also said that “government officials” were involved, without giving details. Then Kotey and a man on the phone allegedly tried to convince her to say she was involved in electoral fraud.

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In return, Coty will provide legal assistance. According to Freeman, “If you don’t tell everything, you will go to prison,” Coty said. Later, Freeman found out that Coty was a Trump supporter. It is unclear whether Cotey is still working for the West.

A day later, on January 5, an FBI agent called her and urged her to leave her home, saying it wouldn’t be safe, Freeman said. And indeed, on January 6, an angry mob of Trump supporters appeared in her house, which they had surrounded. Freeman had just left her home hours earlier.

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