Trump’s campaign is filing a lawsuit in the wrong court in a fatal mistake

Trump's campaign is filing a lawsuit in the wrong court in a fatal mistake

It was a mix up that would make Rudy Giuliani blush.

The Trump campaign has ramped up its legal battle against the presidential election count by filing a lawsuit in the wrong court.

While the US Federal Claims Court responded to the lawsuit, Judge Eileen De Kaplan clarified that the court’s usual jurisdiction over monetary measures does not cover the Trump team’s claims against state and local governments.

“The complaint is suspended as if it had been filed in the United States District Court for the Western District of Michigan,” Ms. Kaplan wrote.

Instead, it was taken to this court, most likely by accident. ”

The lawsuit was transferred to the correct court in Michigan, where the complaint was filed separately.

The mistake was initially identified by Catlin Bolantz of CNN, who reported that the attorney registered in the case said it was a mistake. Pacer, the public’s access to electronic court records, presumably missed the lawsuit in the wrong court.

The spat comes on the heels of the infamous press conference of Mr. Giuliani, Donald Trump’s personal attorney, at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping parking lot as the Associated Press forecast election results for the first time on Saturday.

Confusion and jubilation prevailed widely when the press conference was announced at the Four Seasons Hotel, only by the Four Seasons to make clear it was not participating.

While the president was publicly reiterating the fraud allegations on his Twitter account, the lawsuits had nothing to do with the fraud and instead focused on the irregularities in the process.

States have until December 8 to ratify results before the Electoral College formally chooses the next president on December 14.

If legal challenges delay ratification of results and the Electoral College cannot convene, there are other legal paths for Trump to retain the presidency.

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