Trump withheld more than 300 classified documents | Abroad

Trump withheld more than 300 classified documents |  Abroad

It will be papers from the CIA, NSA, and FBI, among others. The US Department of Justice had not previously announced that the 150 classified documents the former president was required to turn over when he left the White House a year ago were found in 15 boxes that Trump delivered to the US National Archives in January. .

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Trump’s staff handed over a second set of documents to the Justice Department in June. A third set of documents seized by the FBI during the Mar-a-Lago raid early this month.

Earlier on Monday, Trump’s lawyers asked a federal judge in the United States to temporarily block the FBI from studying material it seized on August 8. The former president’s lawyers want the FBI to delay such analysis until an impartial auditor can be appointed to oversee the investigation.

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The list of seized objects includes documents with a “top secret” status. Highly classified material is usually kept in special government facilities because its disclosure could seriously affect national security.

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