Trump who is “ symptom-free ” is back at work in the Oval Office, and describes the coronavirus infection as a “ blessing from God. ”


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They said a speech is scheduled to be given by major voters on Thursday.

The debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris in Salt Lake City will take center stage in the campaign on Wednesday night.

Aides say Trump is impatient to return to the election campaign and insists on going ahead with the next debate on October 15 in Miami, but Biden said on Tuesday he would not participate if Trump was not virus-free.

The new demand for free medicines came the next day after Trump abruptly ended talks with Democrats about a new round of stimulus for the pandemic-ravaged economy, with the two sides diverging over how much money should be allocated to a deal.

Both Biden and the oldest Democrat in Congress, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, have accused Trump of abandoning needy Americans.

Biden said in a tweet on Twitter: “The president turned his back on you.”

With layoffs escalating in key industries day by day and threatening a fragile recovery, Trump late Tuesday urged Congress to swiftly pass $ 25 billion to fund airlines, $ 135 billion for small businesses, and provide $ 1,200 in incentive checks to Americans.

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But White House officials on Wednesday played down the likelihood of any kind of stimulus being passed before the election.

Trump’s campaign to get Judge Amy Connie Barrett may be confirmed for a vacant seat on the Supreme Court by the Republican-controlled Senate before the election, because three Republican senators with the virus may not be able to vote.

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