Trump wants to re-enter American sports stadiums soon …

Trump wil Amerikaanse sportstadions zo snel mogelijk weer vol

US President Donald Trump wants to resume the major sports tournaments in his country as soon as possible. With the crowd, Trump confirmed in a phone consultation with managers of NBA (Basketball), NHL (Ice Hockey), NFL (American Football), MLB (Baseball) and MLS (Football), according to US media.

“I want the fans to return to the stadiums when we are ready for it again. As soon as possible, of course, Trump said. His country was now the most infected in the world with the Coronavirus. More than 300,000 Americans have tested positive for the virus, and at least 8,000 have died.” Someone of its effects.


“Fans also want to come back, they want to watch basketball, baseball, football and ice hockey. They want to watch their favorite sport.” “They want to go back to the golf courses and get clean, fresh air.” The president, himself a golf fan, did not want On setting a date when he believes the sports stadiums will reopen, “But I think it will come sooner than anyone thinks.”

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The NBA and the NHL Ice Hockey League were closed last month due to the coronavirus. The start of the baseball and football competitions has been postponed. The new NFL season should begin in September. Trump hopes it will succeed, but California Gov. Gavin Newsom promptly said he could not imagine opening the stadiums again to thousands of fans.

“We’re guided by the facts, by what health experts tell us,” Newsom said. “I’m busy with the present. I can’t imagine that everything will open again in a few months.”

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Coronavirus: current situation.
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